Erectile Dysfunction

Solution for Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence. I have read various posts concerning men’s sexual issues but didn’t comment because I wanted everyone to exhaust their experiences and options. We’ve over the period of 20 years researched into the phenomenon of Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence and we’ve discovered that it’s prevalent among men both young and old.

We’ve also discovered that it’s always due to food intake and wrong consistent drug use. While I am not here to negate earlier options put forward by my colleagues, please permit me to give you from our wealth of experience. My name is Paul Oni, I am the MD of PECULIAR PROJECTS NIGERIA LIMITED the manufacturer of HERBIOTIC Herbal Medicine Powder and ALEGBOIN Herbal Powder.

  • 1. The first major causes of Erectile Dysfunction which eventually may progress to Impotence is pile, dysentery and constipation.

The Yoruba put everything together and call the ailments jedi-jedi. These ailments are not only responsible for the subject matter but also initiate several life threatening diseases when they’re left in the body untreated for too long. These coupled with several other ailments was why we developed the HERBIOTIC Herbal Medicine Powder, which we made in 2 Versions that is, General Treatment and Flush Versions. It’s pertinent to note that anyone (including women and children) that eats without quality stooling is only asking for diseases to settle in their bodies hence, it’s mandatory for you to Flush your system at least once a week.

  • 2. The unnecessary ingestion of orthodox medicines is another major cause of Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence. This is because of side effects of orthodox medicines that they always write in their insert leaflets but that we’re all too impatient to read. The major culprits in this regard are the antibiotics that many abuse with reckless abandon and this has even caused many deaths due to neurotic illnesses that’s not in medical books and thus defile medical orthodoxy.
  • 2a. Under the foregoing subhead you’ve those that rely on sex enhancing orthodox medicines like Viagra and some even take some Chinese capsules which they become reliant on. This class of people always end up impotent because they can’t do anything without these drugs. In addition, they experience retrogression in the sense that they’ll always have to increase dosage to get required effects till they become completely impotent and hypertensive. 3. Sweetners are the other reason for the phenomenon under review. These also include organic sweetners like honey, dates and the like. Let me not deceive you, all sweetners whether organic or inorganic when taken in excess will eventually give you jedi-jedi and diabetes…… To be Continued. My SOLUTION We have put everything natural for your health in HERBIOTIC Herbal Medicine Powder and ALEGBOIN Herbal Powder. For your natural sexual Health, take HERBIOTIC Herbal Medicine Powder General Treatment Version 7 days consecutively and flush with the FLUSH Version on the 8th day, then take ALEGBOIN Herbal Powder once a week best with gin but good with water if you can’t use alcohol and you’ll be home and dry. You run the risk of seeing this as just an advertisement at your disadvantage. Thanks and good morning. If you want to order, inbox 08033488703

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