The concept of HERBIOTICS is Herbal Engineering. It simply means tailoring herbal preparations to tackle diseases. In orthodox medicine, it is clearly unacceptable to claim that a particular medication can cure many diseases at the same time but in herbal medicine, it is possible to make a medicine that cuts across diseases with ease. Though many herbal medicine practitioners make baseless claims and produce unsafe herbal preparations due to the lack of in-depth knowledge of the herbs they are using.

The concept of HERBIOTICS is predicated on the fact that most of the diseases that afflict the human body emanate from the ingestion of harmful substances. Majorly through eating, drinking, breathing, injecting and mating. In the past, most of the substances human beings ingest are purely organic and contains natural ingredients beneficial for the wellbeing of the human body but nowadays, 90% of human consumptions are tainted with chemicals alien to the natural process of nature thus inventing diseases that ravage the human body. This gap is what HERBIOTICS is out to bridge by disintegrating the chemicals and other harmful substances before they can do any damage to the body.


HERBIOTICS has many variations that differ per concentration for each disease they target to cure. The General HERBIOTICS also has 3 variations namely, THE HERBIOTIC HERBAL MEDICINE POWDER GENERAL TREATMENT VERSION, THE HERBIOTIC HERBAL MEDICINE POWDER FLUSH VERSION and THE HERBIOTICS SYRUP.

The other variations of HERBIOTICS are the concentrate per disease. These are:

  1. SUGARDRY for diabetes
  2. BLOOD CALMER for hypertension
  3. BLOODBOOSTER Drink for hypertension, weak blood and erectile dysfunction for both male and female.
  4. ALEGBOIN for erectile dysfunction in men
  5. REJUVENATOR for the rejuvenation of Body Cells.
  6. INFECTBAR for urinary tract, kidney and liver infections
  7. CANCERCURE is an Anti-Malignant Agent for cancer
  8. BLOODPLUS INSTANT DRINK for multiplication and reproduction of blood for those with inadequate blood quantities.
  9. ATO Herbal Cream for resetting of body bones and tissue structure.
  10. Other specific Orders tailored specifically to address particular cases

HERBIOTICS is as a result of the Researches carried out over a period of more than 20 years by PAUL ONI who is the Managing Director of Peculiar Projects Nigeria Limitedwho are the Manufacturers of HERBIOTIC Herbal Medicine Powder, which is registered by NAFDAC; (A7-2348L).


HERBIOTICS Herbal Medicine Powder, (A7-2348L)

HERBIOTIC Herbal Medicine Powder is entirely an herbal medication with all herbal content sourced locally. HERBIOTIC Herbal Medicine Powder is a general cure-all medication(AWOGBARUN) because when ingested it improves metabolism and helps the human body to expel impurities, toxicity, excess sugar and fat that could result in diverse terminal diseases. It helps the human system to strengthen immunity against diseases.


HERBIOTIC Herbal Medicine Powder is an Herbal Antioxidant. HERBIOTIC Herbal Medicine Powder inhibits the oxidation of molecules. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that produces free radicals that damage cells through chain reactions to generate diseases. HERBIOTIC Herbal Medicine Powder terminates these chain reactions and detoxifies the system to improve metabolism. HERBIOTIC Herbal Medicine Powder helps the body to maintain a balance between free radicals and antioxidants. HERBIOTIC Herbal Medicine Powderorchestrates potent Anti-inflammatory and Anti-malignant activities in the Human Body.



ALEGBOIN Herbal Powder, (A7-2347L)

ALEGBOIN Herbal Powder is also certified by NAFDAC; (A7-2347L). ALEGBOIN Herbal Powder is made to keep men sexually active with shorter recovery time. It works by reinvigorating the blood per time as adequate for good and continuous top performance of men in sexual intercourse with the use of an erect penis. It is made with the recorded knowledge of our African ancestors in the use of herbs for erectile dysfunction without side-effects that will come back to haunt in old age and without recourse to idols.

ALEGBOIN Herbal Powder is not an aphrodisiac that is taken on the spur of the moment for sexual acts. It works by strengthening the body system and blood circulation through body organs for optimal performance. It shows effect in the body from at least 24 hours after ingestion and may last in the body for between 3 days and 30 days hence the dispensing dosage is once a week.   

HERBIOTICS products are safe & tested by the Peculiar Company. All our products are approved by NAFDAC for consumption.